Customer Reviews

At StayPolishedCo, many of our customers rate us as excellent. Read our Customer Reviews to find out what our happy customers are saying about us!

Kristina Donaldson

"I love my results! My teeth were already a lighter shade and I wasn’t sure they were going to get whiter but they did. They even got brighter! The best part was I got to stay in my PJs and in my own home”

Tanya Williams

"What an awesome business! Get glammed up in the comfort of your own home! Perfect for a girls night with friends, a bachelorette party or getting ready for a wedding! Even just for a night out, Stay Polished has you covered”

Bri Tavares

"I was able to brighten and whiten my smile from the comfort of my own home and without having to break the bank. But the best part was I didn’t have to find a sitter!"

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